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Zaragoza's Tram in Arquitectura Viva's web
Arquitectura publish an article about the return of Tram to Zaragoza by aldayjover arquitectura y paisaje.

aldayjover, the tram back to Zaragoza

With the commissioning of a first line that crosses the city from north to south, crossing the historic center, has begun the implementation of the tram at Zaragoza. A work by Iñaki Alday and Margarita Jover, the tram -alive in Zaragoza until the decade of 1970 - is one of the projects under theSustainable Mobility Plan submitted in 2006 intended to solve the traffic problems of Zaragoza and its surroundings. The project gives priority to public transport and the introduction of cycle lanes, also provides for the recovery of spaces for pedestrian.

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